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Empowering women to take control of their lives through nutrition and wellbeing

Hi, I’m Maria!

Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach.

I specialise in helping women regain confidence within themselves by empowering them through education on nutrition, self-care and wellbeing.

I have personally struggled with my body image and nutrition for years.

It was not until I understood the root cause that I started to see common symptoms in other women who were struggling with the same issues.

Emotional eating, low energy, stress and failed weight loss.

I knew I could help through my own personal journey.


I want to inspire, educate and empower you to create new and sustainable healthy habits that will work best for your body, mind and soul.

Healthylicious Programs


Nutrition & Body Confidence

8 Week Program

Focusing not only on the essentials of health but also on creating a healthy relationship with food your body and mind. Identifying any imbalances in these areas and guide you in a way that is best for you.

Kickstart to Health

4 Week Program

Guidance and education to help you get confident on the essentials of healthy eating, better sleep, exercise and how to decrease stress levels and gain more energy.

“Wonderfully honest about her experiences and so kind and welcoming. I love how enthusiastic she is about her job.”

Demelza, Busy Mum

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