Hi, I’m Maria!

A Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach in Wellington.

I’m originally from Germany and have been living with my family in Wellington, New Zealand for the past 12 years.

In the past I’ve struggled with my body image and relationship with food. I used to believe that once I’m skinny, all my issues would disappear.

I tried so many different diets however none of them consider the individual needs of my body, emotional state and mindset.

Once I realised that there was more to life than being skinny, I began to make the necessary changes on a physical and mental level which allowed me to heal my relationship with myself and food.

I now feel in control and I have gained the confidence to be me through acknowledging my emotions, thinking patterns and the importance of nourishing my body for it to function at its best. I sorted out my food cravings and urges to binge by being aware of what my body, mind and soul need. In return, I have more energy, able to deal with stress more efficiently, feel more focused and shifted the unwanted kilos. I now enjoy my food and love my body.” 

My own healing journey inspired me to become a Health Coach and help others achieve their health goals. In order to get healthy and reach your health goals you need to understand your own bodies needs on a physical and emotional level. You can eat all the broccoli in the world but if you are not dealing with your emotions and hating your body and self you won’t be able to get to your wellness goals. It is about tapping into your own intuition and getting confident of what feels right to you and gets you to feel and look your best.

I have studied health coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition along with further education on gut health. My focus has been on the fundamentals of digestive and gut health, the factors that can influence gut imbalance, and dietary & lifestyle choices that promote optimal health.

I’m currently studying emotional eating psychology, learning strategies to better handle triggers, emotional eating and mindset along with obtaining a professional Certificate of Wellbeing Coaching with the Well Collage Global. This qualification focuses on positive psychology, behavioral change and wellbeing management. I’m so excited to continue on my learning journey.

“I met Maria shortly after arriving in Wellington since our move across the world. Maria was very approachable and so easy to chat with. She immediately provided support, listened and offered genuine advice and guidance.

I’m lucky to have her to confide in and our relationship has provided trust, personal growth and emotional support always wrapped up with so much valuable information on mind/body health & wellbeing. I see her as wise, calm and with a wealth of knowledge to share with a natural flare & never condescending.

She has definitely been a fantastic pillar of support for me and I’m so grateful to have met her. ”


Rama, Interior Architect

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